The department has four (4) research laboratories, each with a distinct vision and goal. The laboratories are dedicated to facilitate researches in various aspects of English language and literature, Linguistics, Economics and Social Sciences.

Research Lab

Research Lab I: langauge Laboratory

It is a great asset for effective and machine aided language instruction. The laboratory is well equipped with audio visual presentations and has acquired language learning software. The laboratory capacity is being increased from the initial 35 to 60 so that more students can benefit in learning and deliver quality research.

Research Lab 2: Sociological Research and Community Outreach

Sociological Research and Community Outreach Laboratory has working space for cutting edge research by undergraduate & graduate students, research scholars, faculty, and all other stake holders. While rooted in rigorous theoretically informed way of knowing social reality, we are committed to connect with everyday social reality of our various communities of practice. This laboratory is computer equipped and encourages group interactions. We have some software for data analysis and storage space for equipments and research data.
The Unnat Bharat Abhiyan (UBA) was coordinated from this laboratory. We also guided several public engineering projects of the B.Tech. students here, including Aaadhyan. The current senior research scholars are Thakur Prem Kumar & Mr Shamsher Alam. Below is their photograph from an interactive session.

Previous Scholars:

1.Dr. Manish Kumar epitomizes community outreach. He has been working with Innovators in Health (IIH) for positive social change in Samastipur. His PhD research drew from his participatory action research and was on the healthexperiences of migrant workers. Below Dr Manish Kumar is with Professor Ajailiu Niumai (external expert-India) of the University of Hyderabad and Dr Aditya Raj after this PhD thesis viva voce examination in July 2017.

2.Dr. Pooja is working as an Assistant Professor at the oldest constituent girl’s college of Magadh University- Gautam Buddha Mahila College, Gaya. Her PhD thesis was located at the interface of literature and society and critically examined the representation of Indian women in dalit and diasporic narratives. Below she is with Professor Chandrshekhar Bhat (external expert- India) and Dr Aditya Raj after her Viva Voce examination in February 2016.

Research Lab 3: Public Health Research and Documentation

This lab is equipped with latest softwares and data sets to analyze various concurrent public health issues. It also designs specific research methods for empirical surveys.

Research Lab 4: Outreach Knowledge Centre on Child and Women

With support from UNICEF office of Bihar, the Department of Humanities and Social Science is developing Knowledge Center on Women and Children. It has reference materials for the entire related topic

Important resources: Knowledge Centre on Child and Women, Sponsored by UNICEF Office of Bihar.

For more details please see: http://www.iitp.ac.in/index.php/schools-and-centers/humanities-and-social-sciences/facilities.html

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Research Lab 5: Linguistics Laboratory

The laboratory is being established with an aim to facilitate world class research in major areas of Linguistics. It has working space for research assistants and scholars and sufficient storage space for various types of equipment. The laboratory also has provision for a sound proof Acoustic Room/ Whisper Room to enhance precision on Acoustic Phonetics and Phonology research.

Research Lab 6: Econometrics and Computation Lab

The Econometrics Lab is a computing environment for faculty and students in the department. It has state of the art facilities and a wide selection of statistical, mathematical and econometric software for its users. The lab concentrates on new developments in computationally intensive econometrics. It also houses a repository of databases as ASI and NSSO unit level data and Prowess IQ.

Research Lab 7: The Behavioral Sciences Lab

The lab is situated in the corner of the left corridor of the Humanities and Social Sciences department. It is a well-equipped lab with the latest infrastructural facilities to support the research in the disciplines of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management. The lab aims to ensure rigor and promote excellence in academic research. To impart practical exposure and in depth understanding, the systems in the lab are fully loaded with cases, simulations, and latest softwares such as SPSS, AMOS. The lab provides access to many excellent journals and databases. The air-conditioned lab caters to the needs of scholars by providing a peaceful and professional environment to ignite young minds.