Prof. Mayank Tiwari

Mayank Tiwari

Ph.D 1998
Nonlinear Dynamics of Ball bearings
IIT Delhi
Ph: +91 6115 233 116
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Research Areas/Areas of Interest Machine Dynamics- Rotor Dynamics, Acoustics, Tribology- Rolling sliding, Fretting and Vacuum Tribology
Other Interests Ergonomics, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Courses taught at IITP Machine Design, Control Systems, Dynamics of Machinery, Vehicle Dynamics, Rotor Dynamics, Measurement and Instrumentation, Sensors and Actuators, BTech Software Laboratory
No. of PhD Students


  1. Dr B Venkatesham (2008) co-supervised Acoustics of HVAC systems
  2. Dr DK Prajapati (2019) Surface Failures for Rolling Sliding motion

Ongoing- 06 in the area of Rotor dynamics, Mechatronics, Fretting and Rolling-Sliding Friction

Professional Experience
  1. Associate Professor IIT Patna since 2013
  2. GE Research & Development 2001 to 2011
    1. Mechanical Engineer
    2. Lead Engineer
    3. Senior Engineer
  3. GE Aviation, Engineering Manager Engine Dynamics 2011-2013
  4. Postdoctoral Visiting Research Scholar, Acoustics and Dynamics Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Dept. The Ohio State University USA 1999-2001
  5. IIT Delhi 1991-1998
    1. Senior Research Assistant
    2. Project Associate
  6. Tata Motors (TELCO) Jamshedpur1987-1989 Graduate Engineer Trainee
Administrative experience
  1. Coordinator Sponsored Research Industrial Relations Unit IIT Patna
  2. Coordinator Department of Mechanical Engineering IIT Patna
  3. Associate Dean R&D IIT Patna
  4. Chairman Faculty and Staff Grievance Redressal Committee IIT Patna
  5. Chairman House Allotment Committee
  6. First President Institute Innovation Council of MHRD, IIT Patna
  7. Lead Faculty for setup of Incubation Centre
  8. Chairman, Member of committees for setting up, construction and Startup Proposal Evaluation of Incubation Center, IIT Patna
  9. Senate Nominee Board of Governors IIT Patna
Sl. No. Projects Title of Project Amount of grant Rs Lakhs Period Co-investigator (If any)
India Pvt. Limited
Development of Novel SMA Bearing Support and Retrofit for Enhanced Performances and Durability of Rotating Machinery 182 2018 to 2021 Prinicpal Investigator
Dr Mayank Tiwari Co- PI’s
Prof S Srinvasan
Department of Applied Mechanics IIT Madras
Dr Akhilendra Singh IIT Patna
2 ARDB Propulsion
Government of
Design of an Integral
Squeeze Film Damper
36.41 2017 to 2020 Principal Investigator
Dr Mayank Tiwari
Co-PI Dr Akhilendra Singh
3 Swacchta Action
Development of Low Cost, Efficient
Mechanism for Collection of
Garbage and Dirt for Municipal
Corporations, Panchayat,
16 2018 to 2021 Principal Investigator
Dr Mayank Tiwari Co-PI
Dr Atul Thakur
SERB & National
Company Pvt.
Ltd. Jaipur
Development of low friction rolling
element bearings for enhanced
Reliability and Efficiency Funding
63 2019-2022 Principal Investigator
Dr Mayank Tiwari
Co-PI Dr Surajit Paul
5 Projects for GE in the area of Medical X-Ray tubes, Wind Turbine Bearings and Gear boxes ~$2 million
Laboratory Setup

1.)Tribology Lab-
a.)Rolling Sliding twin disk TE74 S Phoenix UK.
b.)RTec USA Univeral Oscillatory, Fretting and Tribocorrosion setup with Optical Prfilometer
c.)DUCOM Pin on Disc

2.) UAY Rotating Machinery Lab

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  2. Prabhakar Neti, Manoj R Shah, Karim Younsi, Mayank Tiwari, Pinjia Zhang Fault Detection Based on Current Signature Analysis for a Generator US Patent 89943592015 B2 General Electric United States Granted citations-15
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  10. DAHAN Fredric,VADARI Harith,Tiwari Mayank,SAINT MARTIN Thomas,LACHERADE Xavier Armand, JOSSE JEAN Luc X-ray tube with a mechanical bearing including an advanced seal and mounting process France 2893759(A1) General Electric France Granted
  11. Mayank Tiwari,Raju Gupta,Vitthal Pandey,Pranay Kumar,Neetesh Kumar An Improved System Of A Passive Exoskeleton To Reduce Manual Effort In Carrying Load India 201731023607 A IIT Patna India Published
  1. Mayank Tiwari,Raju Gupta,Vitthal Pandey,Pranay Kumar,Neetesh Kumar,IIT Patna Exoskeleton India Design287479, 2019 India Design Granted
  2. Mayank Tiwari, Raju Gupta, Avinash Kumar, Knp Rajasekhas, Rk Meena,IIT Patna Hand Operated Dirt and Soil Collector India Design 272013, 2017 India Design Granted

Journal Publications:

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Awards & Honours
  1. GE Six Sigma Black Belt 2006
  2. Independent Evaluator of PhD thesis on Modelling Gear Friction for Presidential Scholarship of the Ohio State University 2007, Mechanical Engineering Department, Ohio State University USA
  3. University GE interaction leader for IIT Delhi
  4. GE Patents and Publications Award 2010
  5. GE Plastics Team Excellence Award
  6. GE Health Care Chairman’s Leadership Award
  7. Nominated to the Executive Society of Tribology Society of India
  8. Reviewer for Journal of Sound and Vibration, Transactions of ASME, Mechanisms and Machine Theory, Journal of Vibration (Vibration Institute of India)
  9. Merit Scholarship in BE
  10. Best paper award in ICIT Tribology Conference 2010, Steel Authority of India, Ranchi
  11. Appreciation from CAO Indian Railways for technical solutions to Wheel Plant Bela, Bihar
Member of Professional bodies Life Member Tribology Society of India
Books Chapter- Evolution of Surface Topography During Wear Process, DK Prajapati and Mayank Tiwari, Book- Tribology in Materials and Applications, ISBN: 978-3-030-47451-5, Springer
Sl. No.Name of TrainingOrganization where training was receivedYear
1 Material Test System 831.05 Mechanical Testing Systems, Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA 2000
2 Bearing Design American Bearing Manufacturers Association,Pennsylvania State University, USA 2003
3 Essentials of Leadership, Hiring Skills, Business Finance GE Corporate,Bangalore 2004
4 New Managers Development Course GE Corporate, Hyderabad 2007
5 Advanced Managers Course GE Corporate, Munich Germany 2010
Other Working on projects on Magnetic gearbox and Exoskeleton