Dr. Ayash Kanto Mukherjee
Dr. Ayash Kanto Mukherjee
Asst. Professor
Ph.D, IISc Bangalore
Ph: +91-612-255 2016
Fax: +91-612-227 7383
Research Areas : Transport in Conjugated Polymer, Metal-Organic Semiconductor interface, Organic electronic Devices, Molecular Electronics
Research and Development :
Area of Expertise Research and Development activities & Significant recent contributions
Transport in conjugated polymers, Organic electronic devices, Molecular electronics Past few decades, organic semiconductors (OS) have caught the attention many research groups because of the many physical advantages that OS offers over silicon counterpart. My research interest is in theoretical as well as experimental investigations in organic electronic devices. The work is doubly pronged, namely, Numerical/Simulation of I-V characteristics and physics based modelling. Also, fabrication of devices in lab and experimental characterization, also form parts of my research. The analysis of data, both experimental and simulated, are focused to unravel nature of charge transport across metal-organic interface and bulk of interface. Various scientific reports have suggested that charge traps, located at interface and bulk, shape the charge dynamics in electronic organic devices. Therefore, determination of parameters pertaining to charge traps and their interplay with hopping mechanism of charge transport is where my current research investigation is focused.
PhD Students :

Ajaya Kumar
Teaching :
  • PH 102: Physics-II (B. Tech. I yr., Theory & Tutorial)
Contributed Chapters :
  • R. Menon and A.K. Mukherjee, Ch.12 (Charge transport in conducting polymers and carbon nanotubes: a comparison, p.287) in Electronic and Optical Properties of Conjugated Molecular Systems in Condensed Phases, edited by Shu Hotta, Research Signpost (2003)
  • R. Menon and A. K. Mukherjee, (Polyaniline fractal nanocomposites, p.715) in Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Vol. 8, edited by H. S. Nalwa, American Scientific Publishers, California (2004)
Societal Contribution :
  • Guest Lecture in DAV Public School, Transport Nagar, Patna.
  • Guest lecture in DAV Public School, Hazaribagh on 11th April 2015.
Publications : Journal Publications:
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Conference Publications:
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