Just like the other states of India, Bihar too boasts of being the melting pot of culture with many languages being spoken across the state. According to UNESCO (2009) findings there are about 42 endangered languages spoken in Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal (The Hindu, New Delhi, Oct. 23, 2009). The languages spoken in Bihar are listed as under:

  • Angika (North Eastern districts of Bihar)
  • Bajjika (North-Central Bihar)
  • Bhojpuri (Western Bihar)
  • Kudmali (South Eastern Bihar)
  • Magahi (Southern Bihar)
  • Maithili (Northern Bihar)
  • Majhi (Eastern Bihar)
  • Musasa (Eastern Bihar)
  • Sadri (scattered)
  • Surjapuri (North Eastern Bihar)

Of these languages, Kudmali, Majhi and Musasa have less than 50,000 speakers and the rate at which languages are getting extinct, these three languages would also perish in the coming few decades. Other languages like Sadri and Surjapuri have approximately 2,00,000 speakers which is not a very encouraging figure (UNESCO 2009). The research team is endeavored to document all these languages digitally.


Sr. No.Reseach ProjectProject DirectorTenureBudget
1. ICSSR- IMPRESS approved research project on Designing Disaster Preparedness Training Modules using Indigenous Knowledge and Increasing Community Awareness through Contextualized Technique in Bihar Dr. Sweta Sinha
Co- Project Directors: Dr. Smriti Singh and
Dr. Vaibhav Singhal
1 year 5.25 lakhs